Send me 愛 !!! :D

Hello!  ¡Hola!  你好!:D

Hey you! :D Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you may be doing right now….

Please come and send me some love (愛)! :D

The idea first occurred to me when the sunlight, smelling like fresh laundry, shone on me gloriously; when the green and brown leaves either rustled or waltzed in the breeze; when the mysterious cat on the island snuggled up to me randomly.

I’m collecting (love) from all over the world because….

(1) I love the traditional Chinese character 愛 (love);
(2) I love snail mail;
(3) I do need 愛s from all over the world – they are to be burnt up on bitterly cold wintry nights.
(4) I want to do something bizarre and random – something I suddenly feel like doing, not something I have to do;
(5) I want to meet people who are “crazy” :D and romantic enough to send a postcard with the word “愛” to a total stranger (in this case, a rabbit from Hong Kong).

Please click on the following link to see the 愛 I’ve received so far:


I’m only collecting “love” in traditional Chinese because….

If you suddenly feel like sending me a postcard with , please….

1. Write down the traditional Chinese character on the postcard.

2. Write down your name (full name, given name, nickname, pen name…it doesn’t matter).

3. Write down the country you originally come from.

4. Write down the date you write the word.

5. Write down the word “love” (noun) in your mother tongue (optional).

6. Write down anything else you want.

7. Write down your postal address on the postcard/ email it to me if you want to receive a Hong Kong postcard from me. :D

P.S. My blog name: dameai = Dame (“Give me” in Spanish)  + ai (“love” in Mandarin)

Dame ! :D


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