All things bright and beautiful – my addiction to stationery xD

This is a post dedicated to my beloved stationery. :D

I’ve become addicted to the Japanese mt masking tape recently – it only took me a few days to buy the following tapes. Ah so colourful!! >__< ::love::

mt tape 00


mt tape 01


mt tape 02


I bought some other tapes too! * v * (not mt tapes)

just tape


What are the tapes for? xD I used them to decorate my mini notebook! :D


my mini notebook (decoratd)



my mini notebook (decoratd) - 2


(inside) I wrote: “I can’t resist any stationery with snail mail themes!” (never mind my grammar :P)

my mini notebook (decoratd) - 3

A notebook with mailbox design. :D (from “Goods of Desire”:

notebook (mailbox design)


Last but not least – some rabbit stickers:

rabbit stickers


I love stationery. ^O^



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