(28) Rachel from Guangzhou, China :D

My first and hopefully not the only 愛 from China. :D So colourful & lovely! xD

Rachel in Guangzhou_01

啊,郵費一元就可以了?@@ 怎麼我當時從福建寄明信片回香港不是一元一張呢?-_- 難道是因為距離的問題?這郵費也分得太精細了吧?@@

Rachel in Guangzhou_02

來自中國的愛! Love from China! :D

Rachel in Guangzhou_03

Rachel is my colleague from Guangzhou (廣州) so I managed to ask her to send this to me. xDDD Since traditional Chinese is only used in Hong Kong and Taiwan but not in China (simplified Chinese is used there), I’m not sure if my request will offend some Chinese people. :-| (Hopefully not)

I hope to receive more 愛 from other provinces in China! :D


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