(33) Rena from Greece :D

My very first from Greece!! :D It’s actually my very first postcard from Greece as well. :D

Received on 13 April 2013, my 10th Postcrossing postcard.

Such a beautiful postcard of Santorini. <3 I feel so lucky because it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit!! Thanks a lot Rena! :D

Rena (Greece)_1


Lovely stamps of Greece :

Rena (Greece)_2


I love the stamp of 2 small children reading a big book together! :D

Here comes the Greek love (Agape):

Rena (Greece)_3


A close-up of 愛 from Greece:

Rena (Greece)_4


<3 Santorini, Greece (looks like Paradise on Earth >_<):



Thanks again Rena! Happy Postcrossing! :D



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