Cute Easter Bunny from Suomi (Finland)! :D <3

I LOVE this super cute postcard!! :D The cutest rabbit ever! * v *

Received on 11 April 2013, a lovely surprise by Saila – my dearest Finnish penfriend! :D

Cute Easter Bunny (Saila)_01

I love rabbits! ^O^ A fluffy close-up! :D

Cute Easter Bunny (Saila)_02

Normally the postal service between Finland and Hong Kong is amazingly efficient and reliable. The fastest record was 4 days only!! :D However, it took this cute postcard almost 2 weeks to reach me – partly because of the Easter holiday in between, partly because this postcard was thrown into a wrong mailbox. >_< I feel lucky that the resident decided to take this postcard to the caretaker, and the caretaker put it into my mailbox. :D

Lovely Finnish stamp:

Cute Easter Bunny (Saila)_03

A close-up:

Cute Easter Bunny (Saila)_04

Thanks so much Saila!! :D <3


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