(37) Aleks from Ukraine / India :D

Aleks is originally from Ukraine but he sent from India. ^O^ Received on 11 May. Thanks a lot Aleks! :D

(Does anyone know what the following symbol means? xD)

(Aleks’s reply: The symbol on postcard means the sound “om”. Indians believe that all creation of the universe started from that sound first :) You can see this sign everywhere in India, it is considered to be very holy.)

Aleks_Ukraine-India (01)

Indian stamps:

Aleks_Ukraine-India (02)

in Malayalam (language of the Kerala state in India) is PREMAM:

Aleks_Ukraine-India (03)

Indeed, LOVE is all V need. xD Thanks again Aleks!

Confession of Aleks: The Chinese character 愛 wasn’t written by him but by his Indian friend! xD So I can actually consider this the first I’ve received from India? :O Haha! xD


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