Penguin book cover postcards x 4!!!

All received on 18 May via Postcrossing private swap – it’s my first time swapping 4 postcards in one go. @@ Private swap is always a game of trust. xD

Rabbit, Run

Rabbit, run

I’ve never read this book…and the rabbit here is a man, not even the fluffy animal I adore. :P But yes, I chose this postcard simply because of the word “Rabbit”….and I feel like it’s calling out to me: “Rabbit, RUN!”

I really feel like doing so.

US stamps:

Rabbit, run 2



The Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage

This book sounds funny to me. :P It seems possible to make art out of everything in this age. In that case, I’d like to write books like “The Art of Eating”, or “The Art of Using Chopsticks”, since I’m Asian and all. :P (I use forks almost as much as I use chopsticks, by the way…)

US stamp:

The Art of Marriage 2



A Room of One’s Own

A Room of One's Own

I’m not even a fan of Virginia Woolf, but a room of one’s own is what every introvert in the world needs! xD


British Herbs

British Herbs

I’m not a fan of British herbs either…I just like the book cover. :P


It’s good to do private swap instead of buying 100 postcards of Penguin book cover, don’t you think? :P



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