A pathetic watermelon, a muscular pink guy, a tiny yellow doggie and…Mark sir, my cool teacher! :D

12 de julio de 2013 (el viernes)

Tonight (our 11th lesson!) we drew a watermelon. After my teacher Mark sir’s demonstration, it didn’t take me so long to finish painting one. It looked quite pathetic so it’s understandable that I felt frustrated. -_-”

sorry to watermelon

I could’ve painted another watermelon but I was too frustrated to go on. :P So I took my teacher Mark sir’s toys and tried to sketch them. Only had 30 mins to sketch two (I’m quite slow)….

An unknown tiny yellow doggie: (Pilot black ballpoint pen + watercolour)

unknown tiny yellow doggie toy at my teacher's home_12july2013

Then I drew something I don’t usually draw….an unknown muscular pink guy from…Dragon Ball. I know Dragon Ball but I don’t remember seeing this guy. @@” Here’s a picture I found online after coming home…

dragonball_pink guy

At that time I picked the pink toy because it looked weird, haha. I love drawing with my black ballpoint pen because I’m quite impatient. If I had used a pencil instead it’d have taken me ages to finish drawing something – I’m such a pathetic perfectionist who can’t draw/paint well………….yet! :P

An evil grin for you…xDDD

the pink guy from Dragonball_by rabbit (12July2013)-

My first time drawing a muscular guy! @@!!

By the way, my teacher Mark sir is so cool!  Here’s his Deviantart gallery: http://oldmarksir.deviantart.com/gallery/

How many more years of practice do I need in order to paint as well as Mark sir? :O

Watercolour is still my love! <3


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