Lambo from Reborn (manga postcard)

Received on 10 June via Postcrossing RR. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the very first manga postcard I’ve received! xD

Lambo Reborn_01


About Lambo from Reborn:

Lambo (ランボ Ranbo?) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Reborn! created by Akira Amano. In the series, Lambo is an infant assassin who goes to Japan to kill the hitman Reborn. Upon his failure, he starts to live with Reborn’s pupil, the future boss from the Vongola Mafia family Tsuna Sawada. As the series progresses, Lambo becomes one of Tsuna’s six Vongola guardians, The Guardian of Lightning, and has to confront various enemies from the Vongola despite his young age. When Lambo shoots himself with the Ten-Year Bazooka (10年バズーカ?) from Bovino family, he transforms into his future self from 10 years later nicknamed “Adult Lambo” (大人ランボ?). His character has also been featured in CDs soundtracks and video games based on the Reborn! series.

(from wiki)

I used to be a big fan of Japanese animes!!! xDDD But I’m more into Chibi Maruko Chan… :P


UK stamp for international postcard:

Lambo Reborn_02



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