(Offer) HK plane/airport postcards with special postmark :)

I’m collecting postcards / stamps of the Year of the Rabbit. If you still have some left, would you be interested in having a private swap with me? :)

My offer:

Postcards of plane/airport with a special plane postmark. To get the postmark, the postcards have to be sent from the HK airport post office.

Here’s the postmark from the airport post office:

plane postcard_01_stamp

The next time I’ll go to the airport will be: early-mid October 2013

I’ll only send postcards with special postmark to people whose Year of the Rabbit postcards/stamps I receive on/before 5 Oct 2013.

Please let me know which postcard you like. :)

A1:  An A380 flying over the Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong


A2: A plane flying over Kowloon City to the old Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong


A3: An aerial view of the Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong


A4: Old Kai Tak International Airport (closed on 5th July, 1998), Hong Kong


My own collection :D

I’ve started to collect special postmarks from 8 big post offices in Hong Kong! :D The airport postmark is one of them.

Yes, I sent myself 3 postcards… :P

1. A tiny postcard of the HK airport & a plane

plane postcard_01

plane postcard_01_stamp

2. Yes, I do like this postcard of an A380 flying over the Victoria Harbour, though it looks a bit fake to me, haha. xD

plane postcard_02

I love stamps of Year of the Rabbit. >_< Please use them to send me a postcard, thanks! >_<

plane postcard_02_stamp

3. Inside the HK airport. :) It’s really one of the best airports in the world! >_<

plane postcard_03

I’m a Capricorn. :)

plane postcard_03_stamp


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