Forged Figures Park in Donetsk (Ukraine)

Received in early July via Postcrossing “Other Languages RR”. :)

Park of the forged figures (Ukraine)


(Information found online)

Donetsk is officially recognized as one of the best blacksmith cities in Europe and is the only post-Soviet city that is full-fledged member of the Ring of European Cities with Iron Works. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the unique Forged Figures Park – the only one in the Old World – is located here. It’s a true outdoor museum of blacksmith art and one of the most interesting Donetsk’s sights.

The park with forged sculptural compositions appeared in Donbas’s capital over ten years ago. At first it consisted of just ten sculptures with bunch of forged roses – the Donetsk’s symbol – in the first place. However, thanks to the annual International Festivals of Smithcraft in Donetsk, the collection of sculptures grew headlong and now it numbers over 150 exhibits.

I love these colourful stamps! :D

stamps (Ukraine)


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