(Offer) Vintage postcards of Chinese actresses in Hong Kong :)

Please let me know which one you prefer. :) I’m also curious about which actress(es) you find most good-looking. :D

Actress 01

Ivy Ling (凌波, Ling Bo) (born Huang Yujun 黃裕君; Shantou, January 1939) is a Chinese actress and Huangmei opera singer. Her other stage names across her career have included Jun Haitan (君海棠), Xiao Juan (小娟), and Shen Yan (沈雁). She played an important role in the entertainment industry for preserving the art form.

(From Wikipedia)

HK actress 01

Actress 02

Bai Guang 白光 (birth name Chinese: 史永芬; pinyin: Shǐ Yǒngfēn; June 27, 1921, Beiping, now Beijing, China – August 27, 1999 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) was a famous movie star and singer. By the 1940s, she became one of the Seven great singing stars.

(From Wikipedia)

HK actress 02

Actress 03

Bak Sheut-sin 白雪仙 (born 1 April 1926 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China), also known as Bai Xuexian, is a famous former Chinese opera actress in China and Hong Kong.

Bak is notable for pairing up with fellow Cantonese opera star Yam Kim Fai. Some of her major works include The Peony Pavilion and Tai Nui Fa. She has received awards from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Hong Kong University for her contribution to the opera art form.

(From Wikipedia)

HK actress 03

Actress 04

Zhou Xuan 周璇 (August 1, 1918 or 1920 – September 22, 1957), also romanized as Chow Hsuan, was a popular Chinese singer and film actress. By the 1940s, she had become one of China’s seven great singing stars. She is probably the most well-known of the seven, as she had a concurrent movie career until 1953. She recorded more than 200 songs and appeared in over 40 films in her career.

(From Wikipedia)

HK actress 04

Actress 05


(From Wikipedia)

I can’t find the English version. -_- She’s a Hong Kong actress active in 1960’s – 1970’s.

HK actress 05

Actress 06

Li Lihua 李麗華 (Theresa Li) was born in Hebei, China (August 17th, 1925), to Beijing opera performing parents. Thanks to a long and popular movie career and youthful looks, she is nicknamed ‘The Evergreen Tree’ of Chinese cinema. She began acting in movies in 1940 and acted in over 120 movies before she retired in 1973. Her breakthrough was in a leading role in ‘Xiao Feng Xian’, a role by which she is still known first and foremost. 

(From IMDb)

HK actress 06

Actress 07

Linda Lin Dai (Chinese: 林黛 born Cheng Yueru (程月如) 26 December 1934 in Guilin – died 17 July 1964) was a Chinese actress of Hong Kong films made in Mandarin during 1950s–60s. She was a star actress in the Shaw Brothers Studio stable.

Lin Dai was awarded the Best Actress at the Asia Pacific Film Festival four times for her performances in films produced by Shaw Studio. Whilst she attended short courses on drama and linguistics at Columbia University, New York in 1958, she met and fell in love with Long Shengxun, the son of Long Yun who was a former governor of China’s Yunnan province. They married on 12 February 1961 in Hong Kong.

She committed suicide at home in Hong Kong in July 1964, using an overdose of sleeping pills and inhalation of methane gas, due to family matters referred by the media as “trivial”. Her death shocked the Chinese community. She left behind two unfinished films, The Lotus Lamp and Blue And Black (I and II).

(From Wikipedia)

HK actress 07

Actress 08

尤敏 You Min, Lucilla You, as she was billed outside of Hong Kong, was born Bi Yuyi 毕玉仪 in Hong Kong on August 19, 1936, the eldest of six children of Cantonese opera performers well-known in Hong Kong and Macao.  Bi Yuyi received early operatic training from a cousin of her parents, and by age 9 had already appeared with her father’s opera company in a juvenile role.

(From Chinese Mirror)

HK actress 08



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