A new member from the US! :D

The first birthday gift I received this year – a lovely surprise from my sweet friend. :D It arrived a few days before my birthday. A new member to my post box collection. :D

謝謝你,安哲!:D 你的中文寫得很好啊,請繼續好好學習下去吧!


So beautifully wrapped up: (很喜歡看那封用中文寫的信!)


What could it be? :>


一打開盒子,就看到一個漂亮的美國郵筒!:D (Do you know the sentence pattern “一….就….”? :P)


我很喜歡啊!我的郵筒系列現在色彩繽紛,不但有紅有綠,現在連藍色也有了。:D 太好了!


非常謝謝你!:D 謝謝你記得我的生日。很高興有你這個好朋友。<3


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