In early 2014, these books came to me!

There’s a possibility that I become a typical book collector who keeps bringing books home just to display them on the shelves and, you know, find a perfect place for the dust to rest. :P

I have no immunity to books ( one doesn’t need to be the brilliant Mr Sherlock Holmes to deduce this ). Dear Sherlock, this is so, so pretentious. Pardon me for my desire to appear more knowledgeable and bookish than I really am. (Though I do know the Earth goes around the Sun!)

(Ahem, yes, I enjoy talking to Sherlock from time to time)

Here are some of the books I bought in early 2014:

1. Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages

Through the language glass

Bought this book with my first Bday book coupon! :D Before reading that book, I can think of one example right now: There are so many different Chinese terms we have for uncle, aunt, cousin…etc. Relationships between relatives are always so complicated! :P

2. Chinese Idioms and Their English Equivalents

Chinese idioms and their English equivalents

Interesting, isn’t it? :P

3. Stories of the Chinese Radicals

Chinese radicals

4. An Introduction to the Japanese Syllabaries


I bought it only because it looks cute….inside!

Japones 02

It reminds me of the first time I learnt to write. :)

I have too many things on my mind. Branches of words. All knotted and twisted.


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